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ckets. The rocket uses environmentally friendly fuel, including kerosene, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, rather than highly toxic propellants. The carrying capacity of the Long March-5 rocket equals that of oth


er mainstream large-scale rockets in the global industry, greatly improving China's ability to launch spacecraft and laying the foundation for developing new-generation carrier rockets and heavy-lift launch vehicles, said Wang Xiaojun, head of the CALT. As a milestone project upgrading China's


launch vehicles, the development of the Long March-5 covered the most diversified engineering technologies and overcame the most difficult problems in the country's carrier rocket history, completing a massive scale of tasks along the way. The Long March-5 rocket, with completely independent intellectual property rights, uses more than 200 key technologies. It is more complex than a

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ny previous Long March rocket, and its design workload was more than 3.5 times that of previous projects. China also built the largest simulation laboratory in Asia for its tests. Advanced digital technologies were applied in the design, analysis and tests